BC Chapter - The moving target

Every year, the Rocky Mountaineer takes up to 70,000 travellers on a Canadian journey. Approximately 16,000 guests answer a post-trip satisfaction survey, providing Rocky Mountaineer with insights into customer satisfaction levels regarding the major components of the trip. However, the post-hoc survey does not capture the small, fleeting events that make the experience exceptional. What gets travellers excited about the journey? What special moments will they be sharing with friends over the coming years? What makes a meal memorable? What's their individual story that took them onboard the train? Rocky Mountaineer and Qual-Box partnered to see if and how they could gain a better understanding of the journey through the lenses of guests' smartphones and tablets. They set up a pilot study with 10 travellers on various itineraries to test how mobile ethnography could fit the Rocky Mountaineer context. The circumstances posed some interesting logistical challenges.
11/21/2017 - 11/21/2017
Steamworks Brewing Co.
375 Water St.
Wine Room
Vancouver, BC

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