Introduction to Statistics with R

The world of practical business analytics has moved to the R environment. The R environment has been created by the world’s most highly regarded statisticians, graphics experts and data analysts. It is open source, free and updated daily. There are many sources of continuous learning of R available for free. This course provides a basic introduction to practical statistical concepts and techniques as they apply to the analysis and presentation of data in marketing research. This is a hands-on course, more of a workshop, where participants will learn how to use the R statistical environment and the Deducer GUI to access research data, clean that data, reshape it, and apply basic statistical methods to typical problems that arise in marketing. This course is developed for those who have very little, if any, statistical background and for those who want to move from a commercial statistical package to R.
4/16/2018 - 4/17/2018
MRIA Office
21 St. Clair Avenue East
Toronto, ON

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